Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ambrose Carl Robertson

Here is the adorable baby!

He's Here!

We are happy to report that 9 lb. 7oz., 21 inches long, Ambrose Carl Robertson was finally born last night in Hawaii. Stephanie had a long ordeal to get that big baby here. We are so excited for Thomas and Stephanie. More details to follow. If you click on Stephanie's link to the right you should be able to get more information, and hopefully some pictures too.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

We are joining the 21st Century and creating a blog. We would love to have our family & friends on the links so you can all be just one click away. I realize that we are suppose to be posting fascinating information and interesing pictures on the blog. We will do our best to make our lives more interesting so there will be something worth reading.

At the present time Kimball spends his days teaching early morning seminary, going to work, coming home and preparing the next day's seminary lesson. The exciting night is Tuesday when he meets with the 11 year old Scouts. My routine is to leave shortly after Kimball leaves, teach all day, work on lessons and grade papers, go home, plan the next day's lessons and grade more papers!

The joy in our hectic lives comes from our family. Stephanie is due tomorrow (March 12th) with a baby boy who will bring the count to 6 boys & 1 girl. Who would have guessed those numbers for our family? We get to leave in 3 weeks for Hawaii to meet little Ambrose Robertson.

We can't complain about anything. Life is good. We are healthy. We can work hard and play hard. Our kids are good and the gkids are perfect.