Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ambrose Carl Robertson

Here is the adorable baby!


Teresa said...

I have been watching Stephanie's blog to see when the baby would finally get here. I CANNOT believe how big he is! He is bigger than any of my kids and I have big babies. And Stephanie is so tiny. I really am in shock. :)
He is so beautiful.

Roeckers said...

I am with Teresa I have been checking out the blog to see the little one. He is a cutie pie! Your girls sure know how to have big babies for as tiny as they are.

Thanks for posting a pic of the new addition. He has a beautiful shaped haed, nice and round.


Skinner Family said...

Hurray! Here he is. I have been snooping on all of your blogs trying to figure this out. 9lbs. 7oz!!! Poor Stephanie. Did she have to have a C? I hope she is getting a lot of help right now. In the end I guess she can be happy because she has a beautiful baby. Congratulations.

bettyjh said...

We are so happy that he is here. No, she didn't have a C section. He is a week over due but the Dr. thought he would only be about 8lbs.
A week from Saturday he will be in my loving arms! Can't wait.

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